Democratising Drone Deployment

Product Experience & App Design

Goal: to democratise drone use by automating the ability to deploy, fly, land, and maintain drones.


Our stakeholders were clients of ours that  had an interest in using drones in their respective industries but no/little experience in doing so. Some of the industries we targeted included solar farms, mining/heavy industry operations, and traffic observation.


The professional benefits of using drones to survey sites and properties were vast and varied. However, it comes with the need of having manual operators, setup, and constant charging and recharging which results in a large overhead and time commitment.


The aim was to remove the middlemen and make site scans as simple as pressing a button. The docking system would automatically deploy, land, recharge, and house the drones in a weatherproof unit in order to give the users the peace of mind to just focus on what is important: their data.

User Testing / Lo-fi Prototyping

We tested several low-fidelity prototypes both on paper, and as interactive mockups (made with Invision and Principle) to test out on different stakeholders. These experiments and frequent iterations from the resulting feedback informed our  high-fidelity prototype.

Interactive Prototype (Invision)


Next Steps